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150. The princess and the frog

The evening star is shining bright,

so make a wish and hold on tight.

There's magic in the air tonight,

and anything can happen.


In the southland there's a city

way down on the river,

where the women are very pretty

and all the man deliver.

They got music, it's always playing,

start in the daytime go all trough the night.

When you hear that music playing,

hear what i'm saying, it make you feel alright.

Grab somebody, come on down.

Bring your paintbrush; we're painting the town.

There's some sweetness going round.

Catch it down in New Orleans.


Stately homes and mansions

of the sugar barons and the coton king

Rich people, poor people all got dreams.

Dreams do come true New Orleans.


Mama, I don't have time for dancin.

That's just gonna have to wait a while.

Ain't got time for messin around,

and it's not my style.

This old town can slow you down,

people takin the easy way,

but I know exactly where I'm goin'.

I'm getting closer and closer everyday.

And I'm almost there, I'm almost there.

People down here think I'm crazy, but I don't care.

Trials and tribulations, I've had my share.

There ain't nothing gonna stop me now cause I'm almost there.


I remember daddy told me fairytales can come true,

but you gotta make em happen; it all depends on you.

So I work real hard each and ev'ryday.

Now things for sure are going my way.

Just doing what I do, look out boys, I'm comin through.

And I'm almost there, I'm almost there.

People gonna come here from ev'ry where,

and I'm almost there, I'm almost there.

There's been trials and tribulations.

You know I've had my share.

But I've climbed a mountain,

I've crossed a river, and I'm almost there,

I'm almost there, I'm almost there, there.


Look how she lights up the sky,

ma belle Evangeline.

So far above me, yet I know her heart belongs to only me.

Ja t'adore, je t'aime, Evangeline.

You're my queen of the night, so still, so bright.

That someone as beautiful as she

could love someone like me!

Love always finds a way, it's true,

and I love you, Evangeline.

Love is beautiful, love is wonderful,

love is ev'rything... Do you agree? Mais oui.

Look how she lights up the sky. I love you, Evangeline.


If I were a human being I'd head straight for New Orleans,

and I'd blow this horn so hot and strong, like no one they've ever seen.

You've heard of Louis Armstrong, mister Sidnes Bechet?

All those boys gonna step a side when they hear this old ex-gator play.

When I'm human, as I hope to be,

I'm gonna blow this horn 'til the cows come home,

and ev'ryone's gonna bow down to me.

Your modnesty becomes you, and your sense of responibility.

I've worked hard for ev'ry thing I've got,

and that's the way it's supposed to be.

When I'm a human being, at least I'll act like one.

If you do your best each and ev'ryday,

good things are sure to come your way.

What you give is what you get.

My daddy said that, ans I'll never forget.

And I command it to you.

When we're human, and we're gonna be,

I'm gonna blow my horn;

I'm gonna live the high life;

I'm gonna do my best to take my place in the sun.

When we're human.


Don't matter what you look like,

don't matter what you wear.

How many rings you got on your finger?

We don't care, no we don't care!

Don't matter where you come from,

don't even matter what you are.

A dog, a pig, a cow, a goat,

had 'em al in here. We had 'em all in here.

And they all knew what they wanted,

what they wanted me to do. 

I told  'em what they needed,

just like I be telling you. 

You got to dig a little deeper, find out who you are.

You got to dig a little deeper , it really ain't that far.

When you find out who you are, you'll find out what you need.

Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed.

You got to dig, you got to dig.


Prince froggy is a rich little boy.

You wanna be rich again?

That ain't gonna make you happy now;

did it make you happy then? 

Did it make you happy? No!

Then Money ain't got no soul;

money ain't got no heart.

All you need is some self-control,

make yourselves a brand new start.

You got to dig a little deeper.

For you it's gonna be tough.

You gotta dig a little deeper.

You ain't dug near far enough.

Dig down deep inside yourself;

you'll find out what you need.

Blue skies and sunshine guaranteed.

Blue skies and sunshine, blue skies and sunshine,

blue skies and sunshine guaranteed. Ah!