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154. Call the man

Close the door, shut the world away,
all the fight's gone from this wounded heart.
Across the floor dreams and shadows play, like wind blown refugees.

Call The Man who deals in love beyond repair,
He can heal the world of harts in need of care.
Shine a light ahead, when the next step is unclear,
call The Man, he's needed here.

Close my eyes, I remember when your sweet love filled this empty room.
The tears I cry won't bring it back again, unless the lonely star should fall.


Needed in the chaos and confusion from the plains to city hall,
proud who walk the wire are set to fall.

Call The Man who deals in once upon a time, maybe He can mend this broken heart of mine, shine a light a head now the future isn't clear, call The Man he's needed here.
He's needed here, right here, right now, yeah.